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To touch or not to touch that is the question...











Renovating valuable sewing machines has always been a hot potato. Some say any restoration devalues a sewing machine, others say it is a waste not to help an ailing machine and bring it back to some of its former glory.

I will let you judge for yourself. I have no doubt that careful and sensitive restoration brings back the character of the machine and adds value.

This machine was given away as having no value. In fact the owners found no interest from any dealers before contacting me.



Judge for yourself the machine then ask yourself how much this machine would sell for on a good day at auction. Even with the low resolution pictures the improvements can clearly be seen. This superb sewing machine is now on display in a costume museum.













A clean sewing machine is always better than a dirty one.

A working sewing machine is always worth more than a non-functioning one..

A pretty sewing machine that looks clean and sews well is at the top of all collectors list.

There are only three golden rules in bringing a sewing machine back to life, patience, patience, patience.



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