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This simply superb Willcox & Gibbs has many of its patent dates stamped on it, unlike the Frister that has no details. For smoothness the Frister has it as she is as silent as a church mouse and just so easy to turn. The Frister machines were hand assembled each part having a unique build number stamped on it. This might be the reason that it is so smooth. Can you spot the differences? I bought this machine from  Frister & Rossmann dealer many years ago. he told me it was made in Germany to compete with the best selling American  Willcox & Gibbs. The similarity is startling, except a few minor differences like the handwheel and brass fittings it is like a twin to the W&G. The only other machine that I have seen that is the same was imported by The American Sewing Machine Co who had premises very near Frister in London.

This is a great piece of paperwork. From a turn of the century booklet, Singer is already boasting over 16 million machines sold by 1900, wow. And nearly a million sales a year, now that is what I call a booming business, what they would give to have that today, hehehehehe.


Ena Wilf & the one-armed Machinist  

Don't forget the new revised edition of book I, Patches of heaven is now available direct. If you love sewing and sewing stories you will love these books. Check out a few of the stories and read some of the comments.  STORIES 

Word pictures of landscapes and pictures straight from the heart. A fascinating read— Jim Flegg Country ways Television

Full of laughter, even a few tears, folklore and wisdom. Books to be dipped into and treasured a delightful trilogy— The Hash.

 I retired to my bed, and let your book give me a glimpse of somewhere else,
through the eyes of someone else, by the time I turned off my reading
light, I was at peace with the world.  Not convinced it is either safe or
sane, but the edge softened by your beautiful words
Pat Bergman, USA

A few comments about the books.

 A trilogy of local gems—Aspect County Magazine

You will be entranced by his stories and travels around Sussex—Sussex Books

A polished masterpiece—What’s On Magazine

You may feel that you know Sussex but I guarantee Alex will make you look again and fill your minds with the happiest of thoughts—Frank Scutt OBE

I couldn’t put it down, Hillarie Belloc would have been happy to put his name to a book like this— Magnet Magazine. 


Ena Wilf & the one-armed Machinist  


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Fancy a funny read: Ena Wilf  & The One-Armed Machinist

A brilliant slice of 1940's life: Spies & Spitfires

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