The Complete Guide to Sewing Machine Tension Adjustment


Alex Askaroff


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Sort out your sewing machine problems. Now!

Want to save hundreds in wasted repair bills and years of frustration?

The carefully guarded secrets of the trade can be yours to keep in seconds!

Everything you ever wanted to know about getting the perfect tension on your sewing machine.

The priceless guide instantly available that covers any sewing machine from 1850 up to today.

Alex Askaroff grew up in the sewing trade and  was trained by the best in the business. Over the last 45 years he has learnt the secrets of the perfect tension. Now is you chance to grab these closely guarded trade secrets.



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Happy Customers Comments 

You are a dream. You have saved my life and for so little! Martha B.

Alex - all I have to say is THANK YOU!!!!!! You are a lifesaver (not to mention a machine saver) as I was getting ready to pitch the thing out the window, now it is perfect. You saved me a fortune in repair costs!  

Dear Alex,
Thank you for all the wonderful advice you have to offer. You really know your stuff!! Now my trusty old Kenmore is sewing beautifully and I have you to thank for it! 
Thanks again.
Carey Van der Vossen

Wow! I was 1/2 way through making 3 little house on the prairie dresses. Suddenly, out of no where, I am having serious tension problems. I was ready to give my husband the spill that I am just going to have to have a new machine to finish these lovely dresses by Christmas. However after following your advice I adjusted the tension perfectly and now am on my way.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

I spent five days messing with my machine and cursing. Your advice was perfect, you saved the day.
Amber, Brooklyn N.Y.

Hi Alex,

I have not used my mom's industrial power sewing machine for 4 years because of the bad tension. My plan was to sell, but wanted to have this repaired. I came across your site, in my last attempt to fix this myself, before calling the repair person.
The reading was so enjoyable, gave me the confidence to do this myself. Must commend your writing skills and excellent sense of humor. I am very much an "read the instructions first" person, but sometimes the instructions lose me. Yours was clear, and I felt like you were "holding my hand" in the process.
Again thanks for your help, the machine is now rocking 'n rolling!!!!!

Color me happy today!!

M Estevez

I could kiss you. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain about sewing machine tension. I have one of those new auto-tension machines and did not dare to touch it until now. It is now making a perfect stitch. Christine

Your booklet saved my sanity, my Bernina got out of tension but I have now learnt how to adjust it, you saved my sanity not to mention the repair costs!
Bonnie USA.

Your instructions were better than my instruction book for my Pfaff! Virginia R

I was being driven crazy with my thread tension until I read your booklet, you saved my marriage. Mary.

Thank you for explaining everything so simply. After 40 years of sewing I now know how to adjust my thread tension. Crystal.

I started reading your manual with a cup of coffee, what incredible information and so easy to understand. God bless you Jean H.

After several hours of fretting, it took 10 minutes to fix after reading
your booklet!  Greatly appreciated!

Dear Alex, I have just finished adjusting my tension and all I can say is YEAH!!! I did it. You saved me a fortune on repair bills.
Nancy M

I nearly chucked my 20 year old machine out of my 2nd storey window but you saved my life.

I have spent a fortune on repairs and now I can do it myself. You are awesome. Lisa C

I think your booklet is excellent and I learned much and most of all it gave me the courage to try and ultimately that is how I prevailed. Holly T, New York.

I have been a sewer for nearly 30 years and at last I can master my tension! Bev S.

Thank you so much for your instructions. I was ready to kick my machine out. Your words were easy and very funny.
Niki K.

I love you. Four of my machines were messing around and I have now fixed them all! Evelyn.

Your information is wonderful I now have a perfect stitch. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lindalee Oregon USA.

Thank you, thank you. You saved my sanity. Catherine Canada.

Alex, I just wanted you to know I am leaving my husband for you. I am in love! You have transformed my Hellish machine. Cheryl.

Alex I have got my machine working properly for the first time in years. Sewing will now be fun not a headache. Erica

Alex I just wanted you to know I've never been able to set my tension properly until now. Your explanation was wonderful.

Wow what a difference! I have finally finished all my projects and the tension is perfect! Kirsten

Alex. After two trips to the shop and big bills I bought your tension booklet. It has saved me a fortune and my machine is better than ever. Cherryl.

Alex your booklet did everything. It is the first time I have successfully fixed my machine. Thank you so much. Nancy.

Wow. What a great book. Great information. Thank you. Ken. USA

Alex, I read your tension booklet and loved it. Easy to read and understand. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Elizabeth in Michigan with a 20 year old Kenmore.

My beloved machine was headed for the tip till I found you. Bravo and thanks. Jack.

When I think how much I have wasted on repair shops it makes my blood boil! Vikky P 

I fixed my tension in minutes thanks to your. How lucky was I. Dan USA

My mother taught me to quilt but she never knew the secret of tension adjusting. Now I know something she don't. LOL. Karen.

Available worldwide NOW!

Most of us know the name Singer but few are aware of his amazing life story, his rags to riches journey from a little runaway to one of the richest men of his age. The story of Isaac Merritt Singer will blow your mind, his wives and lovers his castles and palaces all built on the back of one of the greatest inventions of the 19th century. For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.


Thanks so much for your amazing tension adjusting guide.
My beloved machine started acting up, and I was
devastated to think that there was no hope for it.  I took
it to be serviced.  It came back no better, and I was $70
poorer.  I adjusted the upper tension, cleaned it, did
everything that I could do.  No improvements.  But then I
purchased your wonderful guide. Following your simple, well-thought out
instructions, I adjusted the tension, and my machine
was up and running perfectly - all in less than a half

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome service
that you have provided!


Thank, you thank you, thank, you, thank, you, thank you. Did I forget to thank you! Pat.

I love you. I have spent so much money and now I can do it all myself and get it even better every time. Chanda.

Today I feel victorious. Ginger H, Mexico

Dear Alex, the best tension adjustment ever! Sharon M

The most complete, no nonsense, UNDERSTANDABLE treatise on the incubus from Hell. Dean WA USA.

Your booklet should come with every machine ever made! Cathy.

I have been unhappy with the quality of my stitch for over 15 years until now! Cathy W California.


Hello Alex,

I just had to write to you - you have saved my day!

I am a silk painter and sew my silk into scarves, pillows, wall hangings, and clothes. I am getting ready for an important show in the fall and my Pfaff sewing machine once again has gone all loopy on me. I have it serviced regularly and seldom can I make it through a year before it starts making many, many large loops on the underneath silk.

I used your "Tension Adjustment". Your sense of humor put my frustration on the back burner and I found myself actually smiling while reading your instructions....on a subject too upsetting for words.

I fixed the Singer and am now sewing away. I plan to try it out on the Pfaff as soon as I can, you have given me the courage and knowledge to try to fix it.

Sue A
Damariscotta, Maine, USA

My fiancé bought me a sewing machine but you saved my life! Brenda.

I consider myself a competent mechanic. Your tension booklet is well written with enough humor to help us through. Thank you. Glen.

Your book could also be called tension reduction! Thank you for sharing your talent and experience. Jim P.

I have spent weeks trying and crying. You have saved my sanity. Sally W. NY.


I could kiss you. Are you married? Chrissy.

Alex, your tension booklet saved my sanity and my pocketbook. My Bernina was out of tension. I am so grateful. Bonnie in America.


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