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Isaac Singer

The First Capitalist

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World release date 10/11/14

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-910489-05-5    
Hardback: ISBN:   978-1-910489-07-9

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How many of history's great characters can really say they changed the world? One man that did was the son of a Jewish immigrant, Isaac Merritt Singer. He pursued the ultimate rags-to-riches dream and made that dream a reality, building castles and palaces along the way. For the first time pain staking research, over two decades, has brought the fascinating story of this forgotten giant to life.

Isaac, Aged 12, ran away from a troubled home (and step mother) to a carnival passing through town. From living on his wits Isaac became one of the wealthiest men of his era. Isaac's inventions helped kick-start the growth that made America the first Super Power, long before the likes of Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller. His business techniques, salesmanship and entrepreneurial skills eventually brought jobs to millions of people around the world and made Singer a household name.
His story is inspirational, his wives and lovers, his empire building and his genius for invention. Isaac's unparallel business skills, his cold blooded ruthlessness (as he walked over the bones of his adversaries) and his final redemption is straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Isaac's story is one of wars and women; when he died he was married to the most beautiful woman in Europe, 30 years his junior. In his will he openly named over 20 of his children (much to his last wife's amazement) making each one rich beyond their wildest dreams; they in turn led a life of unparalleled excess setting Europe ablaze with intrigue and scandal.

Alex Askaroff, Master Craftsmen and renowned world expert of pioneering sewing machine inventors brings Isaac Merritt Singer back to life in his 10th book. Within a week it was the No1 New Release and best selling book of its kind.
Read about one of the fascinating hidden characters of history, a little runaway that set the world on fire. No fiction comes close. Isaac's story will blow your mind and may be the best tale that never made it to Hollywood.

Internationally renowned writer and Master Craftsman Alex Askaroff has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. Alex has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications worldwide. You may have seen him on the BBC show, The Great British Sewing Bee. His book, Isaac Singer, The First Capitalist, was a No1 new release and his website www.sewalot.com is the No1 site of its kind in the world.

Email: alexsussex@aol.com

Isaac Singer
The First Capitalist
Initial Reviews

Brenda Cooley
Received my book and have begun reading it. Love the story and your writing style already. Thank you, Mr. Askaroff. I even loved the stamps on the envelope - Queen Elizabeth and the By Airmail Royal Mail. Might try to use the envelope paper and stamps and make a bookmark for the book. Happy New Year! Brenda, South Carolina, USA
Kathy McGraw DiPaolo Wonderful read!
Pam King Palmer
I read your book in one day! Love it. Thanks so much for writing it and teaching us so much.

I purchased your book on the 
"first capitalist" and I love it.  Thanks.
Joe Dietz
Judy T. Kohlruss -
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Isaac Singer: The First Capitalist (Paperback)
Reading this book is like sitting across from the author, sipping tea, and listening to take tales of days gone by instead of reading a dryly written history book. It is filled with struggle, corporate take overs, and illicit affairs resulting in a product I could never do without.
Amerlia Erhardt "nature adventurer" (Jacksonville, FL USA)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: Isaac Singer: The First Capitalist (Paperback)
Interesting to read so much about the man who brought the sewing machine to millions of people.
Tamsin Monks

Alex please approach the BBC, it would make a fantastic period drama series! I'm very much enjoying reading your book at the moment
Dear Alex,
I just received my copy of the new book, Isaac Singer: The First Capitalist,  It's wonderful!  Thank you for writing the history of this interesting man. 
Sandra Cohron
Alex, To put it simply, you are a superb writer,
Rede Batcheller

Karolyn Nubin Jensen Alex Askaroff...I got my copy from you...I live in Arizona...I have been enjoying reading it...I love your style of writing and I am amazed at the life of Mr. Singer. Great job!
Kathy McGraw DiPaolo Wonderful read!

The long awaited book from the amazing author Alex Askaroff - The First Capitalist - Isaac ... 24 Nov 2014
By Mrs. S. P. Brown - Published on Amazon.com

The long awaited book from the amazing author Alex Askaroff - The First Capitalist - Isaac Singer. What a book and what a cover - the millions and millions of Americans to whom the Singer Sewing Machine has been a household name for so long will doubtless be racing to the bookstore to purchase a copy of this totally gripping history of the iconic Isaac Singer. It is only a matter of time before a movie will be made of this. How incredible that Alex Askaroff has spent 30 years of his life gathering all this information. It is the must have read for 2014 and what a xmas gift from Santa to pop into the eagerly waiting Christmas stockings.
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
Fast shipping, good read and I had read much about Singer. 29 Nov 2014
By Ponydriver 
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
This book went into greater depth about the man himself, and his family. Very interesting!!! Good pictures, too. Wonderfully written!! 25 Nov 2014
By joan sohlstrom 
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is amazing!! A lot of research was done to create such a well written book. Well worth buying and reading. A well written and factual book on the amazing life of this man, nicely illustrated and never boring. Five Stars 25 Nov 2014
By signman - Published on Amazon.com

Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
Great book, anyone who is interested in sewing machines should buy this book,well written, lots of facts, not in a boring manner like some books, have bought another copy for my daughter, well worth the price and for the information it contains
Five Stars
By Dan on 26 Nov 2014
Format: Paperback
Great book from a great author. Interesting read about singer and his life. Very much rated author.
Hi Alex I am a volunteer for the Clark Foundation. Congratulations on such a wonderful account of Mr Singer.
Paul R Dolan ABC News International
Great book.  Thank you for writing this story…and in such a clever way.  It makes me value my seven Singer machines even more.
Keep writing.
Sandra Cohron

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you, I really loved your Singer history, thank you for communicating your knowledge and skill.
Tanya Nuttall

Mr. Askaroff,
Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your new book on Singer and to let you know I received it in Alabama on Dec 6th.The Great Grandson of Isaac, (Paris' Grandson) is buried in this area. Francis Merritt Singer, I actually stumbled across his grave quite by chance while strolling in a local cemetery.
Thank you for all of the research.
David Brady
Your book is excellent!
You are a talented writer. Received my copy in Michigan USA! I really love the book
Shelly Garno
Kathleen Dunnigan I received mine in Louisiana and am enjoying it immensely. Very well written. Thank you so much.
A big hello from West Sussex!  My husband bought your biography of Isaac Singer a few weeks ago and I was so hooked I read it in a single sitting.  You’re right - it would make a great movie and has all the trademarks of a block buster… larger than life characters, love, betrayal, suspense not to mention a great story of rags to riches.  If Hollywood can make a film about Howard Hughes why not Isaac Singer?

Available worldwide on all media, click on book or contact alexsussex@aol.com.

Country Books release date 10/11/14

Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-910489-05-5    
Hardback: ISBN:   978-1-910489-07-9   

Email: alexsussex@aol.com  

Available on all media (inc digital format) worldwide Amazon and bookshops




Email: alexsussex@aol.com.





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