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A Brief History of the Sewing Machine
Without the boring bits
By Alex Askaroff




  Alex Askaroff                                    

Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications world wide. 

A Brief History Of The Sewing Machine

Without The Boring Bits!


Alex Askaroff

"One of the few useful things ever invented"

Mahatma Gandhi

Who invented the sewing machine! People are always asking me? It's a great story.

By the middle of the Victorian Era sewing machines were taking hold but before that period all fabric would have been joined by hand, every single stitch. As the population of our planet exploded and the Industrial revolution took hold someone had to come up with a solution of how to join two pieces of fabric quicker and cheaper than by hand.

This led to a fascinating trail of invention and failure. Some inventors died in poverty some became rich beyond all their dreams. One man, Isaac Singer, became famous forever.

Find out how it all came about in A Brief History Of The Sewing Machine Without The Boring Bits by world renowned author Alex Askaroff.

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A Brief History Of The Sewing Machine, Without The Boring Bits, By Alex Askaroff

Your article was perfect! It was very helpful for the paper I 'm working on, for university!
An easy and enjoyable read! Your extended and detailed research work about sewing machine and its history, shows your true love for it!
Thanx again for your contribution to sewing history!
Kind Regards,
Ria Daskalaki
Undergraduated Student
University of Crete, Economics Department


What a fun, entertaining history.  I love all the humor you added.  Very well written. 


Cheryl in Illinois (Land of the Free, Home of the Brave)

Oh, Alex!
You've made the whole story of
the sewing machine something fun to read! 
Thank you so much.
Lilith TX


I loved your article about the invention of the sewing machine.
NSW, Australia

Dear Alex
I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to stumble across your story!
Kind regards
Kerry E Sussex

Hi there Mr. Sussex!

Amazing!  I cannot imagine how long it took you to research all of this and you still managed to find humor about it.
How true, I'm sure, so many of our modern conveniences really are a collaborative effort by many perfecting upon one another.
Marlborough, Massachusettes. USA

Thanks Alex,

for the wonderful story of how the sewing machine came into being. 
And for the wonderful way in which you write.
from Chilliwack BC Canada

Dear Alex,
I read with interest your article on sewing machines as my distant Great Great.....Grandfather was Thomas Saint and I have always been curious to know more about him and his invention.
Many thanks,
Pat Heffer ( mother was Dorothy Saint before marriage)


As a descendent of Baltazar I was very interested in your piece. I know for sure you are right about the patent. I hope to someday visit Krems Austria where a bust of Grandpa stands and a copy of his machine is in a museum.

Thank you!

Kris Krems
Strongsville, Ohio

Mr. Alex,

Isaac Singer, The First Capitalist, now available worldwide on Amazon

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