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Skylark Country
Alex Askaroff

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Alex has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications worldwide and has over 30 books on Amazon.



Alex Askaroff has captivated readers for decades and gained a worldwide following. He has had Nine No1 New Releases on Amazon. Skylark Country is the second book in Alex's On The Road Series.

Alex’s ‘On The Road Series’ is a unique collection of seven books written over the 40 years of his working life. The books are crammed with true stories that will have you spellbound. Alex’s way with words and funny tales, wrapped with true incidents, facts, and even the odd ghost, will grab you from start to finish. BK1: Patches of Heaven, BK2: Skylark Country, BK3: High Streets & Hedgerows, BK4: Tales from the Coast, BK5: Have I Got A Story For You, BK6: Glory Days, BK7: Off The Beaten Track.

Skylark Country by Alex Askaroff

Alex Askaroff’s second book in his On The Road Series, continues his hilarious travels around Sussex. We meet forgotten war heroes and crazy customers by the bucket load. We hear about the 1930’s London Fashion houses as they prepare for the debutant balls at Buckingham Palace. We learn of one man’s lucky escape from HMS Hood before its encounter with the formidable Bismarck Battleship. With Nine No1 New Releases on Amazon, Alex has once again worked his magic. This book will have you in stitches, you may even shed a tear, but it will leave you with a happy heart.


All Alex's books are available worldwide,
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As a new collector I have found your site has increased my knowledge in a short time to a degree that I couldn't have imagined.
Thank you again for all the useful information you give freely to us.
Kind regards
Brenda P