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Tales From The Coast
Alex Askaroff

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 Alex I Askaroff




Alex has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications worldwide. Alex has also collected a series of stories many of which appear in the large 384 page Tales From The Coast below.


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If you love Sussex you will love this book

The stories in Tales from the Coast are as pleasurable as a warm bath after a long hard day. All the stories are inspired by and related by the people who actually lived them. These are real people, no media sensations, just ordinary hard working people who through their lives have had certain incidents indelibly burned into their memories.

384 pages, paperback

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Tales From The Coast by Alex Askaroff is full of stories and unique pictures.


Tales from the Coast is full of my love of England, our love of this enduring, sometimes hard-pushed country. Almost daily I drive by Pevensey Castle a stones-throw away from where the Duke of Normandy moored up his ships and marched to war. The Roman castle, some of it now over 1700 years old, remains a reminder of how strong we are. How tough the British have become and how proudly we announce to the world our birthrights.

Miss Blackpool 1948

Tales From The Coast by Alex Askaroff is full of stories and unique pictures.

Tales from the Coast brings the spirit of Sussex to life, its people, colour and vibrancy. Dorothy tells of her years of hop picking even as the Battle of Britain rages overhead, Sheila tells of her encounter with a jaguar in the jungle far from home, Flo tells of her evacuation as a child and her glorious years on the farm far away from harm. From Lord Lucan to Queen Elizabeth Tales from the Coast is filled with fascinating true stories that will have you entranced.

Tales From The Coast by Alex Askaroff is full of stories and unique pictures. Here are Pearly Queen Margaret and her husband Brian.


Alex Askaroff
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